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Driving Innovation – The Evolution of Vehicle Lighting with Additive Manufacturing

About the event:

Is additive manufacturing the future of automotive and industrial lighting design and manufacturing? Attend this free virtual event to hear from Greg Van Slyke, Senior Technology Solutions Lead at J.W Speakers, as he unveils practical use cases and demonstrates the pivotal role that additive manufacturing plays in driving forward technological innovation. He will cover especially how these technologies are already being used to revolutionize the creation of innovative lighting solutions for vehicles and industrial applications.  

'The Pragmatic Innovators' is a virtual event platform designed to spotlight valued users as pioneering thought leaders and to celebrate their companies as trailblazers in their respective industries. Discussions will navigate the latest industry trends and draw upon the visionary insights of these leaders.

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Speaker Greg Van Slyke

Greg Van Slyke

Speaker, Senior Technology Solutions Lead J.W. Speaker

As Sr. Technology Solutions Lead in the Advanced Technologies Division at J.W. Speaker, Greg is focused on pioneering advancements in intelligent LED lighting technology that combine aesthetics and vehicle-specific issues in each of our partner's markets.


host Justin Cunningham

Justin Cunningham

Host, Manager, Marketing EMEA, Stratasys

Justin is renowned at Stratasys for his contributions to the 3D printing industry, combines strategic marketing skills with technical expertise, creating a captivating and engaging presence for our audience.


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