Addigy P3001 - 3D Printed Mouth Guard.

Addigy® P3001

Soft elastomeric material for SLS printing that combines high energy return with easy printing.
Addigy® P3001 is a thermoplastic elastomer material for SLS 3D printing technology that combines high energy return with easy processing.

The soft elastomer meets the requirements of:
  • check Sensitization Biocompatibility Standards - ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity, ISO 10995-10 Irritation
  • check European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC

Exploring the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing in the Sports and Lifestyle Industry

Soft, rubber-like polymer materials are widely used in sports and lifestyle such as footwear, sports guards and protective gear. Additive manufacturing is a production technology well suited to the sports and lifestyle market as it allows for cost-efficient personalization and customization. Actual adoption, however, will require availability of materials that combine the right property set with easy printing and a technology that can scale economically.

3D Printing with Addigy P3001 for SLS:
Combining Softness and Elastomeric Materials

Typically, soft and elastomeric materials don’t 3D print easily. In Addigy P3001 for SLS, Stratasys' material scientists successfully combine both. A Shore hardness of A88 and D35 with elongation at break of the thermoplastic copolymer (TPC) exhibits a very high energy return - above the 50-60% usually found in footwear materials.


Designed and Engineered for the End-User Experience

End-users can benefit from better hygiene, improved communication in team sports, and enhanced client comfort with 3D scanning rather than plaster bites. Addigy P3001 3D printed parts can be post-processed for smooth surfaces, making them aesthetically pleasing.

Performance Properties

melting point

Melting Point (10 °C/min)

Test Method: ISO 11357-1/-3
Unit: °C

shore hardness2

Shore Hardness A

XY direction, flat
Test Method:
ISO 868
Value: 88

TS- 2 direction

Tensile Modulus XY

Test Method: ISO 527-1/-2
Unit: MPa
Value: 50

TS- 2 direction

Tensile Modulus Z

Test Method: ISO 527-1/-2
Unit: MPa
Value: 42


Tensile Stress at Break XY

Test Method: DIN EN ISO 180
Unit: kJ/m^2 
Value: 45

TS- 2 direction

Tensile Stress a Break Z

Test Method: ISO 527-1/-2
Unit:  MPa
Value: 5.5



Unit: kg/m^{3}
Value: approx. 1080

bulk density

Bulk Density

Unit: kg/cm^(3)
Value: 420-500


Addigy P3001 Material Datasheets

Download Datasheet

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