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You’ve gone through the design process over and over – design inspiration, initial sketches, rough prototypes, renders of detailed designs, high-fidelity models – all to get to that golden model and design freeze. You’ve had successful designs and maybe some that didn’t quite make it. You’ve probably also dealt with design flaws that put the process back a month, outsourcing headaches, miscommunication between team members or clients, and the ever-challenging process of stakeholder approval. 


The design process is inherently a venture into the unknown, and will always include some frustrating questions, scrapped ideas, and approval issues. But what if those minor hiccups didn’t mean halting your process for days or weeks? What if you could have full color models in just a few hours?


What if you had reliable, easy-to-use tools right at your fingertips?


Read on to find out how to upgrade your design process and make everything from initial prototypes to design reviews more efficient – and to see a real-world example.