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Somos® materials - the perfect partner for your stereolithography needs.

The Neo stereolithography 3D printer is designed with an open resin system which gives the customer freedom to select the most technically advanced stereolithography resins.

Stratasys offers a broad range of industry leading Somos® stereolithography resins.  Somos® resins have helped innovate SLA technology since its inception thanks to their dimensional stability, versatility, ease-of-use, good range of specialised properties, and great surface finish on 3D printed parts.

The Neo has certified parameters to work with Somos® materials offering customers a range of properties to suit their application.  From clear and transparent, to high temperature, through to tough and impact resistant, there is always a Somos® resin for your application.

Download our handy chart to help you choose the Neo Validated Somos® resin that best suits your design.

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