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Make better design decisions. Faster.

Rapid Prototyping

Brilliant prototypes shouldn’t have limitations.

That’s why Stratasys 3D printing technology is designed to help you elevate your ideas more quickly, more precisely and more reliably, time and time again. introduce colour material finish (CMF) models earlier in the design process compared to traditional methods. Save time and cost throughout the prototyping cycle by eliminating flaws earlier, and enabling faster, more confident design decisions.


Create more designs

More design iterations.

And a real feel for the idea that works.


Choose designs faster

Reduce approval time.

Get feedback quicker on realistic prototypes.


See your real design

Ideas made real.

See your design, hold it, improve it. In real time.


Refine your design earlier

Improve user experience.

Before it gets anywhere near the user.


Lower design costs

Reduced design costs.

Design faster and smarter while spending less.

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Tangible prototypes. Well informed decisions.

Multi-colour 3D printing helps designers explore more concepts than traditional methods made possible. Designers using Stratasys printers have created 5 to 40 times more iterations during the detailed design phase of their process. You can prototype each alternative design to get a feel for it in real life, not just on a screen. And more design options mean better design decision.

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Faster decisions. Faster to revenue.

With more realistic prototypes it becomes easier to communicate ideas with not only your customer but internal stakeholders and departments too. Better communication leads to quicker decision making – getting you to market faster – while still seeing the same number of design concepts. With Stratasys, some customers have reduced the time it takes to achieve sign off on design by more than 65%, bringing in revenue sooner too.

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High Quality. Low Cost.

Multi-colour 3D printing allows you to achieve significant cost savings over traditional methods while creating prototypes of the same quality. A PolyJet CMF design model can achieve 80% of the finished quality of a high definition model of the highest standards, for a fraction of the cost. Prototype cost savings of 50-70% have been achieved numerous times by clients.

Synergy reduced costs by 71% versus traditional CNC and post processing.

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Consumer considerations, made practical.

Printing in multi-colour and multi-materials means you can create a realistic prototype much earlier in the design process, not only allowing you to see and feel more alternatives but make better design choices. Doing this earlier means more time for refinement, minimizing last minute changes – cutting time and cost out of the overall process.

"A highly detailed 3D printed model is a sure way to see what the finished product will look like. You can see it, feel it, touch it. It makes the idea real for our clients and accelerates the decision making process."


Get closer to the final product.

Easily print and hold your CMF prototype earlier in the process while getting as close to the finished part as possible. Stratasys market-leading PolyJet technology offers unmatched realism, colour accuracy and materials. Move beyond the screen and produce prototypes in the exact shape and colour you want – and even mimic the materials and textural finish you envision. The result? Advance and refine your design sooner leading to a better final product.

"With this new wave of materials, both colour and higher finish, better flexibility and mechanical properties really allows us to get closer to final prototypes and final products right off the machines."


Case study: Quadpack Industries enhanced their design and production process with Stratasys.


Case study: Karcher's design team use multi-material printing to test multiple alternatives.


Case study: Synergy reduced costs by 71% versus traditional CNC and post processing.


Bring your ideas to life

See how Stratasys is driving to make prototypes even more realistic with fast, multi-material printing and the first printers to be Pantone Validated.

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