Removing Model from J5 MediJet

Introducing new J5 MediJet materials

Ariel Batito
Ariel Batito - August 16, 2022
Ariel Batito - August 16, 2022

Introducing two new J5 MediJet materials that will expand medical applications even further.

The J5 MediJet™, one of the latest 3D printers from the team here at Stratasys, was designed to be the all-in-one printer for medical applications. So far, it’s been adopted by hospitals and medical device companies as a go-to  to create biocompatible parts and realistic anatomy models.

The J5 MediJet already offers three materials that cover 95% of medical modeling applications without having to change out materials:

●      Biocompatible Rigid Transparent (MED610) – Transparent, sterilizable, and biocompatible material validated for bodily contact, which can be mixed with other materials.

●      DraftWhite ™ (MED857) – A rigid, white, and economical material, targeted to lower the cost per part for single-material and multi-materials applications. DraftWhite is a unique material on J5MediJet.

●      Rigid Transparent: Vero™ Vivid family includes Magenta, Yellow and Cyan – Provides unique multicolor capabilities to produce sterilizable, smooth, accurate and realistic anatomical models.

Now, I’m excited to share that we’re expanding our material offering, adding two additional material options that expand the medical applicability of the J5 MediJet even further.


Introducing Biocompatible Digital ABS PlusTM  WSSTM150

Biocompatible Digital ABS Plus is an ivory material that can create even stronger, more durable medical parts with superior mechanical properties, such as surgical cutting guides1. Biocompatible Digital ABS Plus is ideal for prototyping, end-use parts, and covers for models -and will ensure that prints are as durable as possible and Biocompatible.

For more information visit the Biocompatible Digital ABS Plus page

WSS150 (Water Soluble Support) is a support material that, as you probably guessed, is soluble in water. This has huge advantages for creating medical models. The WSS material removes handling—you just place the print in a bath of still water and wait for the support material to dissolve, which is ideal for hospital environments that aren't readily equipped for cleaning stations and post-processing labor.

WSS also allows labs to create delicate parts and complex structures that could otherwise be damaged with the high-pressure water jet cleaning process. 

For more information visit the Water Soluble Support page

This is another step in Stratasys’ continued expansion of our Medical 3D printing offering.

If you would like to find out more about our medical solutions or if you want to learn how to get the most out of your J5 MediJet reach out to your Stratasys representative or contact us. 


1 With approved 3rd party 510k cleared segmentation software.