Intricate 3D printed models.
White Paper

Empowering brilliance with STEM.

3D printing and STEM are a natural fit.

In any industry, success is directly correlated to having the right tools for the job, education is no exception. It is imperative in education for students to get hands-on, real-world experience that will prepare them for their future careers. 3D printing has been extremely beneficial in education, allowing students to develop skills that will be implemented in their future careers.

It has always been important to Stratasys that students are learning on the latest technology. Stratasys has always worked closely with educators to make sure their students are learning up-to-date information, and that the technology meets the needs of the students to prepare them for their future in industry. Stratasys just took a leap forward with the J8 Series. 

In these next fifteen pages, you'll learn how the J8 Series is being implemented by innovative schools that specialize in a wide variety of industry education, such as the New York University School of Medicine and Victoria University of Wellington, and how to leverage the technology for optimal benefit in your curriculum!