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Unlock The Future Of 3D Denture Printing With "A Complete Guide To TrueDent"

Discover how full-color, monolithic 3D denture printing is a game-changer in dental appliance production. Our comprehensive eBook, "A Complete Guide to TrueDent," provides insights into the potential of Stratasys’ TrueDent solution for 3D printed dentures, powered by PolyJet 3D printing. 

  • Dental laboratories with TrueDent can produce multiple monolithic, multicolor dental appliances in a single print job. This enables batch production of highly accurate and well-fitting 3D dentures consistently, at scale — a win-win for patients, dentists, and labs.   

  • True aesthetics are made possible for digital dentures with a variety of base and teeth shades, as well as the ability to produce tooth structures that achieve incisal translucency in 3D dentures. The TrueDent solution eliminates the need to change trays or to stock various base and tooth shade resins for 3D printed dentures. 

  • Master common dental 3D printing challenges. With TrueDent, dental laboratories can streamline their denture 3D printing production process with a straightforward, digital workflow and unattended printing. 

If you're looking for a way to improve the quality and efficiency of your digital denture production and to open up opportunities to expand your service offerings, then TrueDent is the solution for you. 

Download "A Complete Guide to TrueDent" to learn more about the multi-material, full-color revolution for denture 3D printing.