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Case Study

Techno achieves mechanical and finish quality comparable to injection molding with P3™ DLP 3D printing

febrero 07, 2024

Italian-based Techno develops tailor-made connection solutions for companies across many industries. They pride themselves in designing custom solutions that meet their customers’ highly technical and specific needs, without compromising on their expectations of quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and speed to market. 

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The Challenge 

In their increasingly competitive and fast-moving market, giving the client what they need in the shortest timeframe possible is essential. While Techno uses injection molding for volume production, the Innovation Team was looking for ways to develop functional prototypes faster and more flexible, while meeting the required electrical-mechanical regulations.

We wanted to make sure we had a partner with multiple technologies, capable of supporting us in the future as well, and helping us achieve our goal of creating an economically sustainable product.

Watch the video and hear Mauro Nodari, Chief Innovation Officer at Techno and his team explain why and how Stratasys P3 DLP technology enables them to support their customers in bringing the right products to market faster at lower cost. 



The Solution 

To further reinforce its customer service, Techno added to its Innovation Lab professional additive manufacturing capabilities. Techno decided to work with Stratasys as they wanted a partner who could offer multiple technologies, with the technical support of Stratasys Italian reseller Overmach. After thorough technology benchmarks, the Tecno Innovation Team selected Stratasys Origin® One P3™ DLP technology printer as it opens up the more possibilities in terms of competitiveness. 

The Benefits 

With P3 DLP technology on Origin One, it is now possible to achieve a level of mechanical and finish quality comparable to injection molding. -- Matteo Schinchirimini, Industrial Designer at Techno.