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Materiais de impressora 3D

4 Material(is) encontrado(s) for color
4 Material(is) encontrado(s) para color
VeroVivid Color Family
VeroVivid Color Family

The VeroVivid color family adds striking color to all 3D printed parts and prototypes with the ability to simulate over 500,000 colors & unlimited tints.

Vero Eco Flex
VeroEco Flex Family

VeroEco™Flex family of industry semi-flexible color compliant materials that add striking color for direct-to-textile 3D printing. Request a sample today

color model J5 DentaJet
Vero Vivid Colors

Vero Vivid can be used to print high realism full color dental models. Find out more to reach excellent detail visualization.

Jaw model using MED620, VeroDent PureWhite, and Vero Vivid Magenta​
VeroDent™ PureWhite DEN847 by Stratasys

VeroDent™ PureWhite DEN847 offers stiffness and high-quality accurate details. Intended for printing restorative and orthodontic models. Visit to learn more.

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