Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

A global effort.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stratasys has initiated a global effort to rapidly produce disposable face shields for use by medical personnel. This coalition includes over 150 companies and universities, as well as Stratasys, GrabCAD, MakerBot, and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. Some of our partners include General Atomics, Medtronic, Mattel, Dunwoody College of Technology, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Minnesota.

Collectively, we have supply commitments for over 14,000 much-needed shields weekly. We’ll need to continue to grow capacity in the coming weeks to meet the demand for more than 40,000 per week, and ultimately, we expect injection molding to take over much of the production (but that is still 3 weeks away). The dozens of deliveries sent so far go beyond hospitals to also include clinics, academic medical centers, fire stations and nursing homes with a complete 3D printed visor and clear plastic shield that covers the face.

There are two ways to join the effort:

Make it yourself.

For anyone who wants to produce face shields on their own, both visors and shields, we have printing and assembly instructions available for your use. You can download the Face Shield Manufacturing Package to get started. You can still sign up for GrabCAD Shop and Stratasys can distribute these for you or you can deliver them yourself.

Recruit others.

We are working to catch up to the demand for face shields. Please encourage others to sign up to help using our form at

Thank you!