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Sand Casting

Sand casting is by far the most well-known casting process, and it's also one of the oldest. Sand casting has proven to be the most productive and cost-effective process for large-volume production of parts, but it has suffered because of long lead times for production. That's where rapid prototyping comes into the picture. With rapid prototyping, the one downfall of sand casting, long lead times, can be effectively eliminated for the greater part of industry.

Over the next seven pages, we will discuss sand casting applications using rapid prototyping technology. We will cover what sand casting is, the process, rapid prototyping, and applications for rapid prototyping in sand casting. We will also discuss how rapid prototyping for sand casting can be applied in your business, and the benefits it will have for you going forward. Sand casting is as well-known as it is for a reason, it's effective, it's productive, and rapid prototyping can give it the push it needs to keep it relevant for years to come. Download the whitepaper to learn more.