Latin-America (Português)
Latin-America (Português)
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Achieve Additive Manufacturing Volume Production with PA11 & SAF Technology.

Date: quinta-feira, dezembro 16, 2021
Time: 07:00 CDT
Duration: 30 minutes


  • Kevin Sheehy, Manufacturing Engineer II, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
  • Stephen Serpe, Market Manager, Specialty Powders and 3D Printing, Arkema
  • Adam Ellis, Corporate Applications Engineer, Stratasys
  • Tim Heller, Commercial Leader, Strategic Growth, Stratasys

High Yield PA11 Polymer Powder produces parts that have high ductility, are durable and impact resistant. This makes PA11 an ideal material for production due to its superior consistency, mechanical performance and sustainability. Paired with SAF™ technology and printed on the H350™, parts created with PA11 are extremely accurate and suitable for a wide range of applications. This webinar explores PA11’s properties, the benefit of printing with the H350 and how PA11 and SAF technology can propel your business into the high-volume production space.

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