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additive and traditional manufacturing

How additive and traditional manufacturing mix.

There's a constant struggle in industry between traditional manufacturing methods and additive manufacturing methods, with arguments over time versus money, quality versus convenience. This all might be changing, with additive manufacturing growing to be able to print larger parts and metal materials being created for use with 3D printers, the answer might be a convergence of the two, the best of both worlds. Traditional and additive manufacturing could be coming together to build on the best qualities of each.

Over the next seven pages, we'll be discussing the impact that innovation and building on old technology has had on bringing together traditional and additive manufacturing. We will cover in what ways additive complements traditional subtractive manufacturing, which additive technologies and printers go well with traditional manufacturing, the talk of more "hybrid" machines, where the future of traditional machining for additive parts is going, and the efforts being made to produce larger pieces with additive. Major strides are being made in the complementary technologies of traditional and additive manufacturing. Download the whitepaper to learn more.