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Produce certified

Flame smoke and toxicity (FST) rating is a safety requirement for many applications in aerospace, railway, automotive, as well as in consumer and construction. 

As manufacturers embrace 3D printing for their small-volume production, High-Mix/Low-Volume (HMLV) or functional prototyping, they require 3D printing solutions that bring the right mechanical properties for their applications in addition to the required FST/UL rating.

Join this webinar to hear Tim Downing, Senior Product Manager at Stratasys P3TM DLP 3D printing, and Hendric Drobinoha, Lead Application Engineer at Henkel Loctite® discuss why and how the combined FST- and UL-certified material and printer solution enable printing - repeatably and reliably - of high-quality FST/UL-rated parts with accuracy and surface finish of injection-molded quality.

Webinar topics include minimum material as well as printer requirements, advantages of their combined solution and how it helps overcome challenges typically faced with printing high-temperature materials, and share customer stories of applications or use-cases.

Tim dowing
Tim Downing
Senior Product Manager

Product manager with extensive experience in 3D printing and footwear. Skilled in application engineering, engineering design, DFAM, advanced manufacturing, product development and product management. Creative, self-motivated, tech-fluent engineering teammate and leader.

Hendric Drobinoha
Lead Application Engineer

Lead Application Engineer for Henkel Loctite’s 3D Printing team and the technical contact person for Stratasys. Hendric has been with Henkel for over ten years and brings expertise in 3D printing and general industries.