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Origin one dental printer

Origin® DM200: Stratasys’ New Resin

April 14, 2022

Stratasys’ Origin One Dental 3D printer streamlines digital workflows to enable small batch, flow production. It provides dental labs with a true production grade printer. We are proud to pair the Origin One Dental with leading class resins for a multitude of applications.

As part of our commitment to continued innovation providing leading edge dental printing solutions, Stratasys has developed a new material that is tailored to produce dental models faster than ever while maintaining accuracy and quality: Origin DM200. 

What’s the P3™ difference? 

An evolution of digital light processing (DLP), P3 technology powers the Origin One Dental. 

DLP is the widest-adopted technology on the market for a reason: it allows users to print smaller batches of high-quality models in quickly. Origin One Dental offers an open system that supports a variety of materials and applications, so users can take advantage of the best materials available in the market. We know that our customers expect the best-in-class materials, so when we saw an opportunity for an effective resin for the Origin One Dental, we jumped at the opportunity. 

OriginDM200: Developed by Stratasys for Origin One Dental

We leveraged our years of expertise in producing 3D printing materials to create Origin DM200, the first resin designed by Stratasys for the Origin One Dental. This low-viscosity material flows through the DLP system quickly to print dental models with the same accuracy and resolution that Stratasys customers rely on. 

Because Origin DM200 has the capability to produce models more quickly, customers can get faster turnaround on their dental prints and increase the number of models they print on each system every day,  increasing their total production capacity.

Streamline production and lower costs with DM200

Origin DM200 will be available to order from Stratasys in Spring 2022. In the meantime, you can learn more about Origin One Dental.