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Wave Cylinder P3 Stretch 80

P3™ Stretch™ 80

An easy-to-use general-purpose elastomer for flexible prototypes. Excellent replacement for traditional polyurethane or TPU.
Producing flexible prototypes just became easier with this general-purpose elastomer. This addition to the Origin® One elastomers materials comes at an affordable price point, making it an interesting entry-level material for users starting elastomer printing. Less viscous than typical elastomers, P3™ Stretch™ 80 processes easily and prints fast on Origin® One, is simple to clean and UV post-cure. The material makes an excellent replacement for traditional polyurethane or TPU.
This material will be commercially available for Origin® One in December 2023.
  • check Excellent strength and rebound
  • check Easy to process and fast to print
  • check Outstanding surface finish
  • check Simple cleaning and UV post-curing
  • check Black color






Jigs & fixtures

Seals & Gaskets

Fit & form testing for consumer products, including footwear, watch bands and accessories


P3™ Stretch™ 80 Datasheet


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