"90% of Fortune 500 manufacturing CEOs believe adopting Industry 4.0 technologies is imperative."

Dan Burseth, Vice President, Eckhart

Stratasys in the news.

Still from 3D Printing takes on Manufacturing CNN Story

Watch as Stratasys' Andy Middleton discusses the future of 3D Printing and manufacturing on CNN.

Stratasys was recently featured on the "Quest Means Business" program - exploring the power 3D printing to transform business.

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Stratasys Design Series Printer Lineup



NISSA DIGISPACE                                      мастер дистрибьютор, Россия, Казахстан

SOLVER                                Авторизованный дилер

AB UNIVERSAL                  Авторизованный дилер

GLOBATEK, Moscow       Авторизованный дилер (Authorized dealer)

Technoprist, Saint-Petersburg (Authorized dealer)

3DProPrint,Smolensk                        Авторизованный дилер


NEWTECH                          Авторизованный дилер



ITTON SERVICE      Авторизованный дилер


Республика Беларусь

GOETZ TRADE           
Авторизованный дилер


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Print designs directly from CAD. No time wasted converting files – just a seamless design-to-prototype process.

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