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Optimize Your Medical Device Production: A Buyer's Guide to Medical 3D Printers

Discover Our Additive Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers: 75% Less in Prototyping Costs, 50% Faster Development Time!

medical buyers guide

Looking to optimize your medical device manufacturing process? Explore our cutting-edge 3D medical printers and materials - designed for medical applications.

What's Inside the Buyer's Guide?

Save Costs: Elevate cost efficiency in medical device manufacturing by reducing prototyping expenses and production costs.

Accelerate Time to Market: Speed up design and prototyping for medical devices, leading to quicker validation and more efficient product launches.

Optimize Product Design: Quickly prototype process - gather feedback early, create complex designs, test thoroughly, and continuously improve.

Minimize Risk: Leverage 3D printing for prototyping, validation, feedback, and surveillance to reduce product development risks.

Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts who share their experiences and best practices in medical equipment manufacturing.

Success Stories: Discover real-world success stories where Stratasys technology has enhanced patient care in the healthcare industry.

Step-by-Step Guide: This guide will help you choose the right 3D printing technology for your medical needs in medical device manufacturing.


"On average, we estimate FDM parts cost 80% less to produce when compared to machined parts. Over a four-year period, we estimated a $6 million savings versus what would have been spent if we had contracted the parts to an outside machine shop."