Objet1000 Multi-Material 3D Printer


Build industrial-scale parts and mixed trays in 120 materials

The Objet1000 is the largest multi-material 3D printer in the world. It lets you build your largest tools, fixtures and prototypes – or large batches of smaller parts – in one automated job. It offers 120 material options, with as many as 14 distinct materials in any part or tray; and PolyJet’s signature high precision. Amplify productivity and expand your in-house capabilities.

Full Scale Prototypes With Flawless Precision

3D printed plane held by model

The Objet1000 is a multi-material wide-format 3D printer for rapidly creating large, industrial size models and 1:1 scale prototypes. Featuring an ultra-large build tray of 1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in.), it enables designers, engineers and manufacturers to quickly and precisely prototype any 3D CAD design, no matter how complex or detailed.

The Objet1000 is easy to use, can work for prolonged unattended periods, and is perfectly suited for automotive, defense, aerospace, consumer goods, household appliances, industrial machinery manufacturing and other industries. Like all Objet Connex 3D Printers, it combines precision and detail with a world of material properties.

Unlike any other 3D printer of this size, the Objet1000 is equally adept at printing large and small models with no compromise on precision. Print tough, 1:1 scale casings that can be drilled, assembled, and screwed together while also printing small-scale, multi-material prototypes that are almost impossible to distinguish from the final product.

Image Gallery

Objet1000 3D Printer

Big prototypes in multiple materials and flawless precision

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Objet1000 3D Printer

Bicycle Frame Prototype

3D print large prototypes in one automated job.

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Bicycle Frame Prototype

3D Printed Skateboard

This skateboard deck was 3D printed in Digital ABS material.

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3D Printed Skateboard

Stool Prototype

3D printed in Digital ABS, this stool can hold 100 kg (220 pounds).

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Stool Prototype

Keyboard Prototype

3D printed keyboard has the look and feel of the final product.

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Keyboard Prototype

3D Print Keyboard Prototype

3D printed with multiple materials on Connex 3D printer

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3D Print Keyboard Prototype

3D Print Motor Prototype

Engine prototype 3D printed with Rigid Opaque blue material.

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3D Print Motor Prototype


Based on effective, efficient prototyping technology, the Objet1000 combines the advanced precision of PolyJet 3D printing with renowned Connex multi-material build capability. Connex technology offers a choice of more than 100 materials, including those that simulate ABS plastic. You can print as many as 14 materials in a single model to achieve the precise look and feel of your intended end product.

More Multi-Material Precision
Prototyping Systems

Looking for something smaller? Get outstanding precision and the material range that fits your application in a smaller footprint.

Connex_1_thumbnailConnex1 Systems
3D print with 14 materials.
Connex_2_thumbnailConnex2 Systems
3D print with 120 materials.
Connex_3_thumbConnex3 Systems
Build in color with 1000+ materials.

Objet1000 3D Printer Specifications

Model machine inside Objet1000 printer

Support material:
FullCure 705 non-toxic gel-like photopolymer support

Material cartridges:

  • Six sealed 18 kg (39.6 lb) cartridges
  • Two different model materials loaded
  • Hot-swappable replacement during print

Net build size:
1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in.)

Layer thickness:
Horizontal build layers as fine as 16 microns (0.0006 in.)

Build resolution:
X-axis: 300 dpi; Y-axis: 300 dpi; Z-axis: 1600 dpi

Printing modes:

  • Digital Material (DM): 30-micron (0.001 in.)
  • High Quality (HQ): 16-micron (0.0006 in.)
  • High Speed (HS): 30-micron (0.001 in.)

Up to 85 microns for features smaller than 50mm; Up to 600 microns for full model size (for rigid materials only, depending on geometry, build parameters and model orientation)

Input Format:

Workstation compatibility:
Windows 7 64 bit

Network connectivity:

Size and weight:
2800 × 1800 × 1800 mm (110.3 × 70.9 × 70.9 in.); 1950kg (4300 lbs)

Print heads:
8 units

Power Requirements:
240 VAC 50/60 Hz; 32 A single phase

Operational Environment:
Temperature 18 C-22 C (64.5 F-71.5 F); relative humidity 30-70%

Special Facility Requirements:
Floor withstands 750 Kg/m2, air evacuation system

Objet Studio Software

Monitor Displaying CAD rendering of 3D Printed Part

Objet Studio makes it simple to build high-quality, accurate 3D models. It automatically transforms STL and SLC files from any 3D CAD application into 3D modeling slices including both build material and support. With click-and-build wizards, you can quickly edit trays, assign materials, manage job queues, and perform routine system maintenance. Objet Studio features:

  • Easy tray build setup including multiple models and materials
  • Automatic support generation
  • On-the-fly slicing so printing can start right away
  • Auto-placement of trays for accurate, consistent positioning
  • Multi-user networking

Objet1000 Video

The largest 3D multi-material printer — in action!

Watch the video

3D Print in Color

Two vibrant, multi-colored 3D printed bike helmets

Express your design in vibrant colors and diverse materials with the Objet500 Connex3.

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