4 Design Series 3D Printers, FDM and PolyJet, from desktop to large

Stratasys Design Series

The power of prototyping. Maximized.

Stratasys Design Series 3D Printers dramatically tighten design and development cycles, improve communication and collaboration, and resolve issues between design and engineering. They speed products to market and reduce costly mistakes — all while keeping your intellectual property onsite. Very soon, you’ll wonder, “Why weren’t we doing this before?”

Find Your Precision 3D Printer

Based on PolyJet 3D Printing technology, Precision 3D Printers give you the best surface quality, finest details and widest range of material properties available. Produce color and multi-material models that look and feel just like your future products.

Desktop 3D printers for small, highly detailed models.

Objet 24 3D Printer closedObjet24 
3D print white models.
Objet30 Pro on Stand Objet30 
Create models in 5 colors.
Objet30 Pro on Stand Objet30 Pro 
Produce specialty models.
Objet30 Prime Left closed Objet30 Prime 
Build flexible or specialty models.

Mid-range 3D printers for single or multi-material models.

Eden 260VS 3D Printer with closed door Objet Eden260VS 
Build precise single-material models with great efficiency.
the F123 printer F123 Series 
The ultimate, all-in-one Rapid Prototyping system.

Advanced 3D printer for multi-material models.

Objet260 Connex3 on material cabinetObjet260 Connex3
Create in color with 1000+ materials.

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a man standing at the F123 Printer holding a new 3d printed part

Stratasys F123 Series

The ultimate, all-in-one Rapid Prototyping system for your entire team.

Two vibrant, multi-colored 3D printed bike helmets

3D Print in Color

Express your design in vibrant colors and diverse materials with the Objet500 Connex3.