3 Dental Series 3D Printers, WDM and PolyJet

Stratasys Dental Series

3D printers for every digital dentistry application

Whether you run a small dental or orthodontic practice, or the largest lab, you can reap the benefits of greater capacity, faster turnaround, smoother workflow, and happier customers and patients. Gain throughput and enhance profit by embracing digital dentistry.

Find Your Dental Series 3D Printer

Each Dental Series 3D printer runs on one of two patented, industry-leading technologies to build models, dental appliances and casting wax-ups in-house, directly from digital files.

PolyJet technology lets you quickly and easily produce surgical guides, fitting models, veneer try-ins and orthodontic appliances from materials specially engineered for dental applications.

WDM technology drives 3D printers that jet casting material in ultrafine layers for smooth, detailed wax-ups of crowns, bridges and partial dentures. jets wax-like casting material in ultrafine layers for smooth, detailed diagnostic wax-ups. Its outstanding accuracy and reliability lets you embrace the workflow benefits of digital dentistry to produce crowns, bridges and partial dentures with unmatched quality and efficiency.

Find the best digital dental technology for your business:

WDM Dental 3D Printers

CrownWorx dental 3D printerCrownWorx
Highest precision crown and bridge wax-ups
Frameworx dental 3D printerFrameWorx
Precision partial wax-ups

PolyJet Dental 3D Printers

Objet30 OrthoDeskObjet30 OrthoDesk
Affordable digital dentistry for practices
and labs
Objet260 Dental Selection with cabinet thumbnailObjet260 Dental Selection
Lifelike models in an efficient system
260VS ThumbnailObjet Eden260VS Dental Advantage
Throughput for growing labs
Objet Eden350V 3D printer standaloneObjet Eden350V for Dental
Great speed and throughput for larger labs
Objet Eden500V 3D Printer standaloneObjet Eden500V for Dental
Best speed and throughput for large labs

3D Print Precise Wax-Ups

Three precise crown wax-ups from a CrownWorx 3D printer

New for dentists, WDM technology lets you increase wax-up production with the touch of a button.

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