Empowering Innovation With Additive Manufacturing


Empowering Innovation With
Additive Manufacturing

Over 25 years, our customers have proven the power of 3D printing to accelerate product development, elevate quality and lower costs. And today they're shaping the world around us by reimagining what's possible in fields like health care and aerospace. So, if you're driven to create better products, better processes or even a better world , Stratasys additive manufacturing solutions empower you to work smarter, think faster and innovate more freely.

Additive Manufacturing Applications

Accelerate the design cycle and make product development more agile.

Rapid prototyping

Compress design and development cycles, improve communication and collaboration, and resolve issues between design and engineering . Additive manufacturing makes your CAD designs real and tangible early in the product development process, so you can test thoroughly and make the most of your time and budget.

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Improve quality and production efficiency with fit-for-purpose tools.

Manufacturing tools

Additive manufacturing frees you from many conventional design and manufacturing constraints, producing durable tools, patterns, molds and production parts that may not otherwise be feasible. Achieve the strength, durability and accuracy of traditionally manufactured parts -- in less time.

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Streamline low-volume production and satisfy demand for customization.

Production parts

Say yes to more opportunities in low-volume production and custom products. By eliminating large tooling investments, complex inventory management and design-for-manufacturing constraints, you can find new ways to differentiate and grow your business.

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Additive Manufacturing Services

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Parts on demand

Get the right parts at the right time. Our capabilities span a wide range of conventional and additive manufacturing technologies to deliver plastic and metal parts at every phase of product development and production.

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Stratasys Advanced Materials

Development and custom processing

Accelerate time-to-market with research, development, toll compounding and lab services in a single package, from a single vendor. Driven by curiosity, chemistry and the pursuit of innovation, our engineers and scientists are here to solve your unique material challenges.

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Stratasys Strategic Consulting

Opportunity analysis and strategic planning

Additive manufacturing is more than a technology: It’s a mindset. Stratasys Strategic Consulting can help you take full advantage of additive manufacturing and 3D printing by understanding and acting upon opportunities unique to your business.

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Additive Manufacturing Products

3D Printers

Professional systems in all shapes and sizes

Lights-out operation, mess-free materials, easy support removal and little-to no post processing make Stratasys 3D printing technologies the clear choice for on-site additive manufacturing.

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The widest range of properties anywhere

Stratasys offers a powerful range of materials, including clear, rubberlike and biocompatible photopolymers, and tough high-performance thermoplastics. This variety, plus impressive color and multi-material printing capabilities, means you can maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing throughout your product-development cycle.

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