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The Clinical and Economic Promise of Surgical Planning Using 3D Printing

A review of the supporting medical literature

The literature shows that for several surgical procedures, clinicians with access to 3D printed models are able to provide better, more efficient care, with improvements in these key areas:

  • Plan: Optimize therapeutic approach
  • Practice: Clinical rehearsal to refine approach
  • Determine: Choose optimum therapeutic approach
  • Communicate: Aid in gaining informed consent and aligning multi-disciplinary procedures

Download this review of published literature and assess the growing evidence favoring 3D printed models for surgical planning.

Lead Author

Wade Aubry, M.D., is Senior Medical Director for Quorum Consulting and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine and Core Faculty at the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California, San Francisco.

Quorum Consulting is an expert in payer and provider health economics, pricing, and reimbursement. For nearly 20 years the firm has provided expertise in coverage and reimbursement, health economics and outcomes research, provider impact analyses, and strategic product planning.

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