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3D Printing and Machine Design: Improving functionality and profit margins

3D Printing and Machine Design:  Improving functionality and profit margins

Presented By

David Baker, Owner, Worxsimple, LLC

David Baker is president and owner of Worxsimple LLC, a consulting group focusing on system design, equipment manufacture and rapid prototyping for the medical device industry. A mechanical engineer by training (BME, Auburn University), David has been involved in both plant start-ups and plant shutdowns; off-shore process migration; design, development, and installation of numerous production lines; and the creation of hundreds of work cells and process systems.

3D printers are now used for machine design and the manufacture of final machine components such as brackets, guards, and other custom parts that cannot be machined using traditional methods. You’ll see applications for 3D printing tooling and machine components using the Mojo 3D Printer, as well as applications using the larger uPrint and Objet 3D Printers. Techniques for maximizing accuracy and for dealing with a smaller print envelope for larger items will be discussed, as will scheduling and cost benefits. You’ll also learn how component design can be used to leverage printer capabilities. Discover why 3D printed components offer a lower cost means to produce prototype parts and end use components for machinery.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover potential applications for 3D printed parts
  • Learn how to tailor component design to 3D printing
  • Understand material selection requirements for fixture applications
  • Learn design techniques to lower the cost of 3D printed components

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Managers & Directors
  • Manufacturing & Design Engineers
  • Shop Floor Managers
  • Product Designers
  • C-Level Management


60 minutes

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