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Additive Manufacturing for Composite Tooling

Learn how 3D printing with FDM Technology makes the production of composite tooling faster, more agile and less costly. Listen as Tim Schniepp, Stratasys business development director for composite tooling, explains the benefits and capabilities of FDM composite tooling, including examples of customers who successfully use this application.

Additive Manufacturing for Composite Tooling

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What You’ll Learn

In this free webinar, you’ll find:

  • Applications including high-temperature and sacrificial tools
  • Benefits compared with traditional lay-up tools
  • Key design considerations for optimal results

Who Should Attend?

  • Manufacturers and engineers involved in development and production of composite structures
  • Leaders, engineers and technicians in composite tooling, manufacturing engineering, and materials and process engineering
  • Companies interested in developing capabilities for composite structures and production
Tim Schniepp


Tim Schniepp
Business Development Director – Composite Tooling

Tim leads the composite tooling program for the Vertical Solutions Business Unit within Stratasys. Prior to joining Stratasys in 2014, Tim was a materials and process engineering leader at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, GE Aviation, and Lockheed Martin. He has significant hands-on experience in composites fabrication and specifically with FDM for production of composite tooling.

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