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Objet 3D Printer Enables Full Integration of Digital Workflow

“The in-house Objet 3D Printing System has improved our competitiveness and turn-around times”
— Neal Russell CDT Protec Dental Laboratories Ltd.

Picking Up Speed

Vancouver-based Protec Dental Laboratories has worked hard to keep its staff and equipment up to date to ensure it produces the highest quality dental restorations. So it was natural for Protec to utilize 3D printing combined with digital imaging to become a fully digital dental lab. The adoption of digital CAD/CAM procedures levels the global playing field by providing cost reduction opportunities and higher product quality.

The Challenge

Off-shoring of dental restorations to low-cost countries poses serious competition for many dental labs. Manual operations are too slow and labor-intensive to compete in today’s fast-paced dental restoration market.

Meeting customer demand and maintaining fast service is another challenge.“We realized we could not deliver models and restorations fast enough without owning the entire manufacturing process,” said Neal Russell, general manager of Protec Dental Laboratories.

The Solution

The Objet Eden260V™ 3D Printing System enables a seamless digital process from oral scanning, through CAD/CAM design to 3D printing. Using the Objet Eden 3D Printer, Protec technicians manufacture an extensive range of models directly from intraoral scans, physical impression scans and gypsum scans.

The high quality precision printing of the Objet 3D Printer allows Protec to accurately and rapidly manufacture dental models. The exceptionally fine details and outstanding surface finish of the Objet Eden ensure a high degree of accuracy as required by Protec’s dentist clients.

The Result

The new in-house 3D printing capabilities based on the Objet 3D Printer enable Protec to bypass its former slow and expensive outsourcing procedures. Protec can now deliver products faster and at lower costs, and maintain its competitive position even as the market gets tougher.

The Objet 3D Printing System has enabled Protec to introduce non-technicians into the manufacturing workfow, enabling dental technicians to focus on the higher-end tasks. The result is a significant productivity increase by the lab technicians.

As a result of the increased productivity, Protec can now provide a wider range of dental solutions, with higher accuracy and improved turnaround times.

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