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  • From Ideas to Protot...

    Explore how Stratasys spans the entire 3D spectrum offering endl...

  • FDM Technology

    FDM can create durable parts in production-grade thermoplastics,...

  • PolyJet Technology

    Learn how this inkjet-based technology and photopolymer material...

  • Stratasys

    The 3D Printing Solutions Company

  • 3D Printing

    Discover how digital files are transformed into real parts in 3D...

  • Trek Uses Multi-Material 3D Printing

    The bike-obsessed engineers at Trek use a color, multi-material 3D printer for realistic prototypes.

  • Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing

    The Objet500 Connex3 offers vivid, accurate color 3D printing and the ability to blend materials.

  • It IS Brain Surgery! CBMTI Uses 3D Printing to Streamline Surgeries

    The Centre for Biomedical and Technology Integration creates 3D printed prototypes for surgical training, research and learning opportunities.

  • Injection Molding with PolyJet Technology | Diversified Plastics

    Diversified Plastics describes their use of PolyJet 3D printing technology for creating injection mold components with additive manufacturing.

  • Western Tool & Mold Uses 3D Printing to Boost Injection Molding Operation

    Western Tool & Mold uses 3D printing to boost its existing injection molding operation, streamline its manufacturing process and become more attentive to customers.

  • Worxsimple Creates Accurate, Reliable Prototypes With the Mojo 3D Printer

    Watch this video to learn how CEO Dave Baker, of Worxsimple, a medical device and manufacturing company, incorporates 3D printing into Worxsimple’s design process, saving money and cutting weeks from lead times.

  • Customer video - Seuffer - Streamlining Injection Molding with 3D Printed Tools

    Always on the look out for new technologies that will improve efficiency and profitability, Seuffer adopted 3D printing to produce injection molding tools. See how 3D printed tools are helping them revolutionize product design and manufacturing.

  • Injection Molding with Connex 3D Printers at Milacron

    Milacron expands their innovative portfolio by 3D printing injection molds with PolyJet.

  • United Launch Alliance: Expanding Innovation with Additive Manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing is enabling the United Launch Alliance to be leaner, more cost effective and more efficient.