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Cost Savings

Volvo Construction Equipment reduced tooling costs by 3D printing functional prototypes using our PolyJet technology. 

1,200+ Patents

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At Stratasys we are serious about R&D, and about bringing you the most advanced 3D printing solutions.

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Functional Prototyping Direct
Functional Prototyping Direct
Discover Direct
Design Direct
Plan Direct
Produce Direct
Replenish Direct
3D Printing Direct
Conventional Direct
Product Development Life Cycle Direct
Design Services Direct
Finishing + Assembly Direct
Aerospace Direct
Medical Direct
Energy Direct
Transportation Direct
Consumer Products Direct
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) None
CNC Machining None
PolyJet None
Stereolithography None
FDM None
Laser Sintering None
CNC Machining None
Injection Molding None
Urethane Casting None
Direct Metal Laser Sintering None
FDM None
Laser Sintering None
PolyJet None
Stereolithography None
Urethane Casting None
CNC Machining None
Injection Molding None
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
FDM Materials None
FDM Printers None
FDM On Demand None
PolyJet Materials None
PolyJet Printers None
PolyJet On Demand None
Injection Molding None
Composite Tooling None
Composite Tooling None
Jigs and Fixtures None

3D printed housing cover

Siemens Customizes Production

FDM 3D Printing Enables Extended Customer Service Offering

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A 3D printed part made by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Parts on Demand

Scale manufacturing capabilities as you grow

Leverage parts on demand solutions throughout the product development and manufacturing life cycle to help your organization advance.

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3D printed FDM part
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology

FDM is changing the way industries design and manufacture. With FDM, a designer can sketch an idea and test it the same day. Industries can cut lead times and costs, products turn out better, and get to market faster.

the Robotic Arm Demonstrator creating a 3D print

How Team Penske Uses 3D Printing to get an Edge in Racing

By Alex Knapp

Forbes Magazine

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