Learn why 3D printing is useful everywhere

Leading companies worldwide have proven the power of 3D printing to reduce delivery time, lower production costs, improve quality and support lean manufacturing.

Learn how it’s reshaping your industry.

Injection Molding Prototypes

Low-volume production is fast and affordable when you 3D print injection molds in‑house.

Gain certainty and agility by testing parts in final production materials with your normal injection molding process.

Connect With an Expert

Curious about 3D printing? Wondering which 3D printing solution is right for your needs?

A local expert from our global network of partners is ready to personally welcome you to a 3D printed world.

Taking Flight

Aerialtronics developed more customized products in less time with FDM 3D Printers.

“3D printing technology helped us advance the design and development of the Altura Zenith drone far more quickly and at a much lower cost than would have been achievable with conventional methods.”

— Joost Hezemans, head designer, Aerialtronics

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