3D printed dental appliance.

3D printed dental models improve the functionality and efficiency of digital dental labs.

Digital Dentistry Materials

Dental Materials are ideal for accurate detail visualization and precise and durable models. Combine with PolyJet materials including flexible and color for multiple applications at the same time such as diagnostic wax ups, gingival masks and cast partials. 

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Consistent Precision for Superior Output

VeroDent MED670 offers high-quality detail, strength and durability in a peach tone ideal for orthodontic labs.

VeroDentPlus MED690 creates fine features and finish with strength, accuracy and durability in dark beige ideal for crown and bridge work.

VeroGlaze MED620 provides the best color match with A2 shading, ideal for a broad range of biocompatible applications such as denture try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups. VeroGlaze is medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement up to 24 hours.


a chain link graphic that represents strength


20-30 J/m

a fire graphic that represents heat



a chain link graphic that represents strength

Flexural Strength

80-100 MPa VeroGlaze MED620

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

Tensile Strength

55-65 MPa VeroGlaze MED620

Dental Materials

3D printed dental model with analogs printed in VeroGlaze (MED620).

Transforming Digital Dentistry

Predictable, consistent and patient-specific solutions 

Capabilities you didn’t have before 3D printing enables Vulcan Custom Dental to meet the challenges of a growing market, balance workload, optimize device turnaround times and reduce cost.

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