Digital ABS Plus

Simulate production plastics for rapid tooling and prototyping

Digital ABS Plus, with increased impact strength, is available on the Stratasys J750, Objet1000 Plus and Connex3. All Digital ABS Plus materials can produce photopolymers that simulate a range of durable production plastics. Digital ABS Plus materials create realistic, precise tools and prototypes that are also tough and heat resistant.

3D Printing With Digital ABS Plus PolyJet Photopolymer

Digital ABS Plus Flexible Motor Shaft Coupler

Digital ABS Plus (fabricated inside the 3D printer from RGD515 Plus and RGD535) is designed to simulate standard ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness. Digital ABS2 Plus delivers those properties plus superior rigidity and toughness in walls thinner than 1.2 mm (.047 in.). Both materials are suitable for parts that require PolyJet technology’s highest possible impact resistance and shock absorption.

Digital ABS Plus Consumer Electronics Prototype

Easy support removal
Increase productivity and gain even more design freedom with the ability to easily remove support material from delicate features and small cavities. Soluble support material (SUP706) empowers hands-free removal, plus improved manual or WaterJet removal. It is compatible with all PolyJet materials (except hearing aid and dental materials) and works on all Objet1000 Plus and Connex3 systems.

Digital ABS Plus Vacuum

A wide range of applications

  • Functional prototypes
  • Manufacturing tools
  • Molds, including injection molds
  • Snap-fit parts for high or low temperature use
  • Electrical parts, casings, mobile phone casings
  • Engine parts and covers

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3D printer with a tray of assorted parts

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