Xtend 500 Fortus Plus

Xtend 500 Fortus Plus

Nonstop 3D production

Get marathon performance from your Fortus 3D Production Systems. With 500 cubic inches of material in every Xtend 500 Fortus Plus box, big jobs run five times longer without reloading material.

Streamline logistics

For reliable, high-volume production, Xtend 500 Fortus Plus boxes contain five times more material than standard canisters. With fewer operator interventions and easier inventory management, you can significantly streamline 3D production and reduce operational costs.

Xtend boxes are available for ABS-M30 (ivory and black), PC, and their support materials, and they run on the Fortus 450mc 3D Production System.

To use Xtend 500 boxes on Fortus Classic Systems (360mc, 400mc and 900mc), ask about the Fortus Plus Upgrade. A half-day customer support visit aligns material capabilities with Fortus Plus Systems, so you can access a growing list of FDM thermoplastics and share inventory across the complete range of Fortus 3D Production Systems.

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