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Technical Schools

Preparing industry-ready students

3D printing isn’t just for prototyping anymore. In fact, manufacturing technology programs that train auto workers, machinists, automation technicians, tool and die makers, and other skilled technicians may no longer be complete without it.

Challenge: Closing the manufacturing skills gap

Impact: Increasing opportunities for schools and students

Historically, a strong manufacturing sector has led to more jobs and higher standards of living in nearly every industrialized country. Turning out the best-prepared workers can boost job-placement rates, create opportunities for industry partnerships and ultimately strengthen the local economy.

Solution: Collaborating with local industry partners

While there is no single solution to the widening skills gap, employers and educators share responsibility for strengthening the manufacturing workforce. Businesses and technical schools are working hand-in-hand to develop curriculum, train new and experienced workers on the latest tools and techniques, and provide educational access to the advanced technologies that are shaping 21st-century manufacturing. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, plays a central role in many of these partnerships.

What’s possible with 3D printing?

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Attract students and prepare them for today’s manufacturing careers.

  • Build in-demand additive manufacturing skills using the systems and software most commonly used in industry.
  • Go beyond what students may have learned in middle school and high school to let them experience the entire product development process from design through production and assembly.
  • Compete with colleges and universities that are offering the most current 3D printing technology.
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  • Support real-world applications in fields like automotive manufacturing and robotics while giving students valuable hands-on experience.
  • Use advanced materials that are common in automotive, aerospace and medical manufacturing.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

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Lessons & Project Ideas

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