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Teach a 3D Printing Course

3D Printing is Changing the Nature of Education

Prepare your students for careers being reshaped by 3D printing. Gain access to
free curriculum materials for a semester-long college course.

Education Resources

Perfect for design and engineering departments at universities, technical colleges , vocational schools and even technical high schools looking to teach creative and artistic principles with 3D printing, the lesson below has ideas to help encourage student creativity and to challenge their design skills in 3D CAD. Better yet, 3D print your students’ ideas to validate and perfect their designs. Make it a competition.

Stay tuned to this page for additional lessons and creative ideas on how to integrate 3D printing into your curriculum.


3D Printing 101: Introduction (Episode 1)

3D Printing 101: Print a Catapult (Episode 2)

3D Printing 101: Print a Glider (Episode 3)

3D Printing 101: Print a Multiplier (Episode 4)

3D Printing 101: Print a Weight Supporting Structure (Episode 5)

3D Printing 101: Design a Multi-Material Riddle (Episode 6)

3D Printing 101: Create Special Effects (Episode 7)

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