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3D Printing in Research

Advancing human knowledge

Researchers everywhere are learning what’s possible when 3D printing helps them overcome obstacles to speed, accuracy, creativity and clarity.

Challenge: Expanding human knowledge

The ultimate goal of every researcher is to advance their field of study. In today’s funding environment, that often requires building a high profile by attracting collaborators in other departments, institutions, geographic locations — or beyond academia in the corporate world.

Impact: Expending time and effort to build a network

Research councils are more likely to fund projects that span multiple disciplines, so success increasingly depends on building a strong network. That networking requires time, effort, and the ability to succinctly communicate the value of your research and resources to potential collaborators.

Solution: Exquisite models and the best research tools

Convey the meaning and importance of your research with realistic models that illustrate your findings in vivid detail. At the same time, you can amplify your value to academic and industry collaborators by offering access to cutting-edge technology that can advance their research goals.

What’s possible with 3D printing?

Because geometric complexity doesn’t add to the cost of production, you can 3D print exactly what you need in less time and with fewer compromises. Plus, 3D printing allows you to print fully functioning assemblies in a single piece to reduce or eliminate extra steps.

3d model device

Save time by making your lab more efficient and responsive.

  • 3D print custom fixtures and lab instruments that improve accuracy, repeatability and safety.
  • Test more scenarios in less time by simulating a wide range of material properties.
  • Experiment, gather evidence and act on insights faster than ever.
3d model of a hand

Raise your profile with realistic models that tell your story.

  • Explain theoretical concepts in concrete terms with physical models.
  • Leave a lasting impression with highly realistic tactile and visual details.
  • Allow remote 3D printer access to collaborators, and share files digitally.
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Contribute to 3D printing research like Voxel Print and 4D Printing.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

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