Labs and Innovation Centers

Labs and Innovation Centers

Custom solutions for educators

Empower innovation by increasing capacity, offering a mix of technologies, and centralizing knowledge and resources in a location students and educators can access.

Elevate access, entrepreneurship and collaboration on campus

Stratasys Lab Packages combine our industry-leading products, services and resources into a complete solution to fit your learning environment and educational goals.

  • Maximize the benefits of 3D printing in your high school, technical college or university by offering 3D printing access schoolwide — or to students enrolled in specific programs like mechanical engineering, art or pre-med.
  • Create richer design and engineering experiences with a wider range of technologies and materials.
  • Establish a learning commons that promotes cross-departmental collaboration and student entrepreneurship.
  • Engage alumni and raise money from donors looking to advance STEAM initiatives.
  • Build student pipelines by offering a unique, engaging resource and experience.
  • Support local entrepreneurship by offering 3D print services to your community.

Why Stratasys Lab Packages?

Stratasys 3D Printers are used by more schools, colleges and universities than any other brand. Partner with one of our dedicated education resellers and get the support you need to focus on learning, not logistics.

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Planning and installation
To simplify the start-up process, you’ll get support and assistance with:

  • Selecting the right mix of 3D printing technologies.
  • Installing and configuring your one-of-a-kind 3D printing lab.
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Training and service
To make your lab self-sustaining, you’ll receive:

  • Operation and maintenance training for staff, faculty and student volunteers.
  • Educational materials to maximize your resources.
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Reliable hardware and supplies
To stay focused on learning, you’ll save time with:

  • Scalable software and hardware that lets you easily accommodate growing demand.
  • Efficient subscription plans that deliver the right materials when you need them.

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Multi-Material, Multi-Color, Multi-Disciplinary

Exploring Diverse Applications for Full-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing in Education