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3D Printing in Higher Education

Fostering career readiness

In the race to attract, retain and prepare students, the schools with the best programs and most interesting technologies have the edge. Hands-on learning with 3D printing opens doors to entrepreneurship and industry collaborations that benefit budding scientists, engineers, artists and designers.

Challenge: The global workforce has changed

The shift to a knowledge-based economy has transformed the career landscape in nearly every industrialized country. College students will soon compete on a global playing field for jobs that demand more complex thinking and greater mastery of technology than anyone could have imagined a few decades ago.

Impact: College-selection criteria has changed

As students select academic programs to prepare them for success beyond college, their access to technology is rightly top-of-mind. In every industry, employers are clamoring for well-rounded workers who make smart use of technology while applying sharp critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills to solve tough 21st-century problems.

Solution: Give students what they need to succeed

Offer exciting and relevant technology like sophisticated 3D modeling software and professional 3D printers. The right technology can attract not only bright students, but also talented faculty and valuable industry partners.

What’s possible with 3D printing?

Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions can take college students beyond concept and design to support real-world applications. Prepare students for careers in science, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, architecture, health care, aerospace, robotics, automotive design or the arts.

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Recruit brilliant students and faculty who make technology part of their selection criteria.

  • Capture the imaginations of inquisitive learners by offering educational access to state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.
  • Give your student organizations a competitive edge in areas as diverse as robotics, performing arts, aeronautics and entrepreneurship.
  • Empower instructors with 3D models that illustrate abstract concepts in concrete terms, and add visual and tactile interest to their lectures and labs.
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Improve career readiness by building persistence, creativity and critical thinking skills.

  • Explore engineering concepts by redesigning everyday products to increase their performance, reduce their environmental impact or improve their usability.
  • Develop persistence and critical thinking by letting students get deep into a problem and solve it through real-world testing and refinement.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship with innovation centers where students can incubate their ideas, and see them through to implementation and commercialization.
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  • Give students real-world experience by working on authentic commercial projects.
  • Empower them to build impressive portfolios and resumes that showcase their work with real companies.
  • Uncover more opportunities for mentorship and the use of resources and supplies outside the classroom.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

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3D print detailed models with ultra-fine layer resolution and smooth surfaces.

3D print strong, durable models with real production-grade thermoplastics.

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Empower Brilliance

Game-changing versatility and realism for educators and students with the world's only full-color multi-material 3D printer.

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Lessons & Project Ideas

Get outstanding teaching and learning resources to help you get more educational value from any 3D printer.