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3D Printing in K-8

Inspiring creativity and engagement

Inspire student interest in STEAM subjects early and often by allowing them to imagine, create and bring their ideas to life.

Challenge: Maintaining student engagement

Impact: Promoting student achievement

Engagement is a well-known predictor of academic achievement. Students who stay engaged are better prepared for college and have greater confidence to pursue challenging majors like those in STEAM fields. Still, some strategies to boost achievement, like heightened standards and high-stakes testing, overlook the role engagement plays, and can further discourage low-achieving students.

Solution: Practicing active learning

What’s possible with 3D printing?

Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions can help students apply design thinking to build excitement and momentum behind any classroom project.

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Inspire students with the realization that their ideas can be transformed into marketable products.

  • Collaborate with local businesses and artists to add authenticity, purpose and opportunities for mentorship.
  • Foster pride by helping students discover their talents as they draw on a variety of skills to navigate the design process.
  • Develop persistence by letting students solve a design problem through multiple iterations.
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Find creative ways to satisfy standards.

  • Explore names, shapes, numbers and units of measurement in 3D while helping younger students develop their spatial reasoning.
  • Let older students experience the unseen world by 3D printing sound waves, magnetic fields, cell structures, viruses and molecules.
  • Travel beyond the classroom with 3D printed landforms, buildings, monuments, artifacts, or fictional places and things.

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Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

3D print strong, durable models with real production-grade thermoplastics.

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