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3D Printing in Grades 9-12

Tackling real-world problems

3D printing empowers students to navigate the entire design cycle from beginning to end, learning through an iterative trial-and-error process that deepens their comprehension and builds their perseverance.

Challenge: Improving college and career readiness

Impact: Increasing college success

Studies have found that up to 40 percent of students who enter U.S. colleges and technical schools need remedial coursework, which adds time and expense to their college education. Not surprisingly, these students are less likely to earn a degree or certificate than their better-prepared peers, putting them at a significant disadvantage in the workforce.

Solution: Solving real-world challenges

What’s possible with 3D printing?

When the challenge calls for a physical solution, 3D printing empowers students to navigate the entire design cycle from idea to finished product. Through inquiry and iteration, students learn as much by what goes wrong as what goes right, building their capacity for critical thinking and analysis, improving their judgment, and increasing their perseverance through applied learning.

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Prepare students for the challenges of college and beyond.

  • Explore engineering concepts by redesigning everyday products to increase their performance, reduce their environmental impact or improve their usability.
  • Develop persistence by letting students get deep into a problem and solve it through real-world testing and refinement.
  • Build engagement with projects that sustain active learning and deliver a tangible outcome.
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Find creative ways to satisfy standards while adding depth to your curriculum.

  • Promote extended thinking with design projects that require research and a synthesis of skills and knowledge from multiple subject areas.
  • Experience the unseen world by 3D printing sound waves, magnetic fields, cell structures, viruses and molecules.
  • Travel beyond the classroom with 3D printed landforms, buildings, monuments, artifacts, or fictional places and things.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

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3D Printing Modules

Add a new dimension to your instruction with exciting 3D printing projects created by experienced instructors.

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