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Additive manufacturing means agility at any volume

When clients make tough demands, commercial manufacturers with 3D printing capabilities have the power to say yes to more opportunities. Designers and engineers can skip expensive, time-intensive machining and gain the agility to make changes any time. Stratasys 3D Printers let you produce concept models, prototypes, tooling and end-use parts directly from CAD data.

For low-volume tooling and durable end-use parts, FDM Technology works with production-grade materials, including high-performance thermoplastics like PC and ULTEM 9085.

PolyJet Technology produces ultra-detailed prototypes, molds and even end-use parts incorporating smooth rigid, transparent and flexible materials. Multi-material 3D printers produce lifelike models with a variety of material properties on a single build tray.

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Rock star Bono of U2 holds the large lit handle of a 3D printed mic.

Learn how 1212-Studio delivered a 3D printed microphone strong enough for Bono to swing from.

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