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Strengthening the Manufacturing Workforce

A strong manufacturing sector has always been an engine for individual prosperity and local economic growth. That’s why technical schools must prepare the workforce of tomorrow with in-demand skills. Training programs in 3D printing directly affect auto workers, machinists, automation technicians and other skilled technicians.

  • Steve Chomyszak

    Assistant Professor
    Wentworth Inst. of Tech.

  • E.J. Daigle

    Dean of Manufacturing
    Dunwoody College

  • Steve Bailes

    Associate Professor
    Owensboro Community College

  • Eric Maillard

    Institut Superieur de Design Rubika
    DSK International Campus

“3D printing is important to today’s students because they’ll be tomorrow’s employees. Wentworth is fortunate to have a relationship with Stratasys so we can capitalize on their knowledge of the 3D world.”

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“Manufacturers are in need of a trained and talented workforce that is up-to-date on how additive manufacturing can enhance traditional processes, and our partnership with Stratasys will begin that evolution in training."

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“The Dimension 3D Printer not only extends students' design capabilities, it also provides them with the real-world experience they need to succeed in today's marketplace.”

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“3D printing has motivated students to be as creative as they can be, and given them a great tool to visualize their designs. Seeing them keep experimenting is perhaps the most rewarding thing for instructors.”

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Focus on Learning, Not Logistics

Stratasys education packages make purchasing 3D printers for your school more viable and affordable. They include resource materials and support for your 3D printers.

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Become Empowered, Inspire Learning

Stay up to date about what’s happening with 3D printing in the classroom. The Education Innovation Series provides use cases, how-to guides and more to keep the inspiration going.

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Experienced Partners You Can Rely On

Stratasys resellers are available to help you bring 3D printing into your classroom. They partner with you to offer the right solution for your school or lab.

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Popular 3D Printing Resources for Technical Schools

Inspiration’s a Click Away

Stratasys project idea videos help your students understand what’s possible, and from there it’s just a matter of understanding what type of 3D printer works best for the design application they have in mind.

What’s Possible With Partnering

Giving students real-world projects and problems to solve is one of the most effective ways to prepare students for the working world they’re looking to join. Learn how you can build up your students’ in-demand career skills by creating partnerships with local businesses.

Free and 3D: A Semester Curriculum

Free to educators and students, get a semester’s worth of in-depth lectures and class discussions that immerse students in the what, why and how of 3D printing with hands-on training. By the end of the course, they’ll be able to produce a fully functioning moving part in a single print.

Project-Based Learning Modules

Download a free module developed by experienced instructors with projects that range from beginner-level design to expert-level prototypes. Build skills that apply to real-world problem solving that can even be used for eventual job-hunting as an example of what students can do.

Extending Educational Value to All

Experience shows that 3D printing technology made available to everyone on campus has broad appeal. And when alumni get involved, partnerships and investment from outside businesses often happen. Read about Stratasys Lab Packages and how your school can really benefit.

Students working on testing a 3d printed design

Out of this World

3D project ends up in space

Matthew Brown, engineering and design instructor at Warren Technical School, says 3D printers have helped recruit new students. “When we have an open house I set one up in the hall and kids flock to it.” Brown adds that the school’s program has doubled in size since acquiring its first 3D printer.

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Students designing 3D prints in a classroom
Learning By Making

Meet students who have become more engaged, prepared and inspired to innovate – and whose lives have been positively influenced – by their experiences with Stratasys 3D printing.

a 4d printed part

4D Printing: The Next Wave

Pioneers in self-assembly

A unique research collaboration between Stratasys’ Education, R&D departments and MIT’s Self-Assembly lab promises exciting new possibilities.

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