Stratasys|3D Printing Solutions for Digital Dentistry

    Deliver Faster With a Complete Digital Workflow


    Orthodontic Models, Crown & Bridge Models, Surgical Guides

    Enhance the patient experience and your business with digital dentistry. No more wasted time, materials, or storage space. Even the smallest labs can now go straight from intraoral scan to in-house production with a seamless digital workflow. Cut days off delivery times and produce more accurate, comfortable, and effective dental appliances

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    3D printed dental molds

    Get Out of the Stone Age


    Clinical Training Models

    A process that traditionally starts with a model, now ends with a model. 3D printing allows you to remove messy pouring, cutting, and trimming from your process and improve your business. When you completely digitize your process, you are free to imagine new ways to advance care. Our solutions integrate with leading intraoral scanners and software to ensure predictable and repeatable results that provide perfect fit and occlusion. 

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    A close up of dentures

    Do More With a Trusted Partner in 3D Printing


    Crown & Bridge Models, Orthodontic Models, Surgical Guides

    A powerful digital workflow requires dependable partners, reliable printers, and quality tech support. Partner with Stratasys and get the right expertise, technologies, and support to keep your business growing

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    A close up of a 3D printer, where dental molds have just been printed

    Fast and Accurate Customization


    Implant Models, Surgical Guides, Crown & Bridge Models

    3D printing solutions from Stratasys bring triple-jetting technology to dental and orthodontics, ideal for creating implant models that mimic gum textures and color. Stratasys 3D printers with this capability include the VeroDentPlus (MED690) and VeroGlaze (MED620), perfect for strong, accurate, and durable models. And Clear Bio-compatible (MED610) material is medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement. 

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    A person holding a 3D printed dental mold
    A person drill sanding a 3D printed, PolyJet dental mold
    Lab Day East

    Come join us at LMT LAB DAY East 2017 in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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    Stratasys is Shaping Dentistry

    Multi-Color, Multi-Texture, One Print

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    Dentsply Sirona World

    Come join us at Dentsply Sirona World 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    a dentist looking inside a 3d printer

    New England Orthodontic Lab (NEOLAB) in North America showcases their digital workflow inside the laboratory. “The most efficient part of our laboratory is now the 3D printing” according to Christian Saurman, Vice President.