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Reduce waste by returning FDM and PolyJet cartridges

Stratasys offers innovative, high-quality products that are environmentally friendly — from design through production. Plus, our recycling program for customers using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and PolyJet Technology makes it easy to reduce your environmental impact. Keep 3D printing green by recycling your used cartridges, canisters, spools and print engines.

Select your region and product to find out how you can recycle your FDM model and support material cartridges.

Select your region to find out how you can recycle your FDM modeling and support material cartridges.


Get more information about recycling uPrint SE/uPrint SE Plus and FDM 1500 - 8000 material spools.

PolyJet Material Cartridge Recycling Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cartridges do I ship back to be recycled?

Stratasys will accept and recycle all PolyJet cartridges including waste containers

Can I ship back my waste container?

Yes, waste containers must be placed in sealed plastic bags and shipped in corrugated boxes.

Where do I ship my used cartridges/waste containers and is there a limit?

All empty cartridges and waste containers must be shipped to the address below or the shipment will be refused at the sender’s expense. There is no limit to the quantity returned.

Recycling Program

List Logistics
c/o Stratasys
90 Salem Road
Billerica, MA 01862

What type of box do I use to ship my empty cartridges?

Empty cartridges can be shipped to the recycling center using any box that you desire. For ease we recommend that you use the same box that your resin was delivered in. Please do not add the Styrofoam back in the box. The Styrofoam is not recyclable. 

Is there any special packaging or shipping restrictions that apply?

No, there is not any special packaging needed for the cartridges. Most Stratasys PolyJet resins are non-hazardous (Section 14 of our material MSDS sheets), non-DOT, and non-RCRA material. They can be shipped by any carrier without any special treatment.  One exception is the RGD515 resin which is considered hazardous and you should follow the process for shipping Dangerous Goods

What is the cost of recycling my used cartridges?

Stratasys will cover the cost of recycling the plastic in the cartridges and disposing of the left over resin. Stratasys will not cover the cost of shipping the used or expired cartridges.

Who do I contact with any questions on the recycling program?

If you have any questions regarding the Recycling Program please contact our Resin department at 877-489-9449 Option 2 or email