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You’ve bought the best 3D printing technology. Now you’re
backed by the industry’s best customer service program. It’s
completely designed around you and your business, with benefits
tailored to suit your needs.

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to find out more.

We think that if you’re reimagining your business through 3D printing, you deserve the best support. That is why we’ve professionally trained and certified more than 700 customer support engineers who can be at your site, anywhere in the world, within days. And we offer priority service levels and response times for when you can’t afford to miss a critical deadline. Whatever your needs, we have a service contract that’s ideally suited to your business.

Key benefits of our service contracts:

  • Flexible options to suit your business needs
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance
  • Proactive software and hardware updates
  • Expert application and technical training
  • Webinar and eLearning facilities for flexible training
  • Predictable maintenance costs for better budgeting
  • No purchasing cycle delays if issues arise

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