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Nylon 12 FR

Laser Sintering (LS) a.k.a. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Nylon 12 designed for use in commercial, military and civil aircraft interiors requiring fire retardant parts. Material passes FAR 25.853 15 and 60 second vertical burn tests. Material also passes smoke and toxicity requirements. Because Nylon 12 FR has lower shrink than Nylon 11 FR, it is better suited for larger parts.

Key features

  • Material passes 60 second vertical burn test
  • Best accuracy & surface finish of available fire retardant materials


  • Aerospace applications requiring excellent mechanical strength
  • Underhood components
  • Applications requiring fire retardant properties


Nylon 12 FR Material Datasheet


Selective Laser Sintering Design Guidelines


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