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When convenience and quality come together in manufacturing, the results speak for themselves. Being able to 3D print jigs and fixtures whenever you need them reduces cost, improves safety and boosts efficiency. Prepare to meet demand like never before.

Fast turnaround. High quality.


Manufacturers face a growing demand for speedy delivery and customized products. 3D printing your jigs and fixtures is a game changer. It means you can create custom solutions more quickly. Work cost-effectively and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

Robotic Machine Arm with 3D Printed Parts

"We can produce a lightweight and robust tool 66% faster than with CNC machining. This part of the project was completed ahead of time and reduced manufacturing cost by over 50%."

Darío González Fernández
Indaero CEO

Go beyond prototyping.


3D prototyping has long been adopted by designers. Now, CAD files become physical products in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks. Manufacturing costs drop dramatically. Deadlines are met ahead of time.

Plus, the technology continues to evolve. Think newly developed durability. Printer advancements. More efficient ways of working. Truly robust end-use jigs and fixtures.

2 Men discussing 3D Printing
Traditional Supply Chain versus 3D Printing supply chain infographic

The supply chain. Reimagined.

Take warehousing and inventory out of your business model, and you suddenly have a lot of valuable time on your hands. 3D printing allows you to do just that. No more under-used storage. Just quality manufacturing on-demand. It’s all designed to refine processes and optimize industry day-to-day.

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