Smarter approach. Lower cost.

Additive manufacturing creates jigs and fixtures faster, and at a lower cost than current manufacturing methods, without compromising on quality or performance. With quick turnarounds, part consolidation and near labor-free production, 3D printed tools produce dramatic
cost savings.

Less material. Less waste.
Better results.


3D printing uses less material than traditional manufacturing. TS Tech achieved a 90% weight reduction by 3D printing their check fixtures. Lighter, more efficient tools help avoid expensive storage and inventory.

Man Working on 3D Rendering

Redefine the supply chain.


3D print your own jigs and fixtures on-demand, to exact specifications every time. The result? Reduced lead times. More control over your production schedule. No outsource requirements.

Liberty Electronics uses 3D printing to save time and cost in custom tooling. They achieved 85% cost savings on 3D printed parts vs outsourcing.*

Robotic Machine Arm with 3D Printed Parts

Soluble support. Dissolves costs.

3D print complex parts without relying on support structures that take hours to manually remove. Our game-changing soluble support dissolves to leave a flawless finish, no matter how intricate the part. Enjoy complete design freedom, and a near labor-free production cycle for customized tooling.

Proven cost efficiencies.


Whether you’re looking to drive long term, top-line growth or bottom line productivity, 3D printing is proven to increase your ROI. Our proven technology helps you work more efficiently, helping you save money.

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