“[Stratasys technology] has saved [U.S. Department of Defense] over $3.8 million to date with an expected 10-to-15-year savings of over $15 million.”

Mitchell Weatherly, Sheppard AFB, Chief, Trainer Development Flight

A rocket that is about to launch that was made using 3D printed parts

Expanding Innovation with Additive Manufacturing

United Launch Alliance (ULA), America’s premier space launch provider, uses an enterprise approach to additive manufacturing.
Stratasys' 3D printed jigs and fixtures

Learn to reduce time and cost by 3D printing custom jigs and fixtures

3D solutions lower the justification threshold by increasing ROI

3D solutions lower the threshold so that manufacturers can put more jigs and fixtures with optimized designs into service.

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a man racing a racecar

3D Printing Could Provide Mass Production Flexibility for MROs and OEMs

by Lindsay Bjerregaard

Aviation Week

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