How Stratasys Strategic Consulting Works

3D printing is impacting global supply chains and creating opportunities in every industry. We help our clients develop strategies to stay ahead of the change.

By gaining a deep understanding of your company's strategic direction, we help you identify where 3D printing fits into your business. Our proven tools include:

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Innovation sessions

We help you identify opportunities to build new products and services.

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Economic modeling and forecasting

Our proprietary cost modeling tools help leading organizations worldwide understand the economics of additive manufacturing.

Supply Chain Analysis

Supply chain analysis

We help companies assess the impact of additive manufacturing on their supply chains. From raw materials to retail, we can help you find ways to make your supply chain leaner and more resilient.

Roadmap Development

Road map development

Developing realistic, strategic road maps for the adoption of 3D printing and additive manufacturing is our core strength. We'll help you develop a plan backed by robust data and deep industry knowledge.

Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis

Whether through lighter parts or reduced material consumption, longer product life or localized manufacture, 3D printing and additive manufacturing offer the potential to reduce the environmental impact of a product. We have a deep understanding of these issues, and can help you make decisions based on real-world data.

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