Get to Market Faster: Work Smarter, Not Harder With 3D Printing

You already know what it takes to be competitive in today’s market: flexibility and speed. Slow development cycles mean your competitors get to market first, leaving you behind. Rushing to market without adequate testing increases risk. Can there be a sweet spot? Yes, the right tools can help speed a fully-vetted product to market ahead of the competition. But traditional prototyping technology may not be the answer. With tight timelines, it’s too costly to vet multiple iterations using CNC or outsourcing. Sometimes designers and engineers skip prototyping completely and go straight to tooling to save on time and budget. But that means design failures get pushed to the manufacturing stage when it’s too late to prevent costly redesigns.

"3D printing prototypes gives us the ability to fail fast. We can produce multiple design iterations quickly and we can change a product design overnight to meet a customer’s deadline. The parts are accurate and the process is dependable.” – Jesse Hahne, co-owner, CAD

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Work Smarter, Not Harder With 3D Printing